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Dear Reader,

CAD/CAM/CAE Observer is an information-analytical PLM-magazine in Russian language, that observes the wide range of themes and questions on development and implementation of newest software for computer-aided industrial design (CAID), computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering analysis, calculations and simulation (CAE), computer-aided process planning and manufacturing (CAPP & CAM) and product data management (PDM) at all stages of product lifecycle.
Remaining the consistent evangelist of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) manufacturing methodology, that underlines the modern approach of increasing competitiveness of the manufactures of different kind of products; magazine pays proper attention to the alternative concept known as Digital Prototyping, as well as to problem discussions concerning integration between PLM and other enterprise management systems like CRM, SCM and ERP. Besides the observation of machine building industry, the review of questions and solutions for automation in other spheres are presented in the columns like Architecture, construction and interior design, Electronics and electrical engineering, Hardware, Machines and measuring devices, and etc.
The magazine is addressed to the executives and specialists of manufacturing enterprises and design bureaus of high-tech industries like machine building, electronics and electrotechnics, mechatronics, and others, as well as to students and educators of technical colleges and high-schools. It may be of interest for scientists, architects and builders, specialists from domestic goods production, packaging, apparel, food industries, and etc.
The magazine is founded and published since the year 2000. The Editorial board is represented by the team of professionals with many years experience in CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM sphere...

Aleksandra Suhanova
Managing Director
Phone: (+371) 67409340
Fax: (+371) 67409337

Editorial address: 18 Apuzes street, Riga LV-1046, Latvia

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